IS/IT Team is responsible for internal IT - technical support in all CSEE locations which included installing new software or hardware, maintaining hardware that has become faulty.

Training employees in the use of new software and troubleshooting problems with the software/hardware including mobile devices and computer accessories. IS/IT Team is also responsible of functionality of communications – network/video conferences/telephonies.

OPS Center

OPS Center team is responsible for running the OPS support, we handle tickets under the responsibility of the Ops Center, serve as a 1st level of support/SPOC for various client`s requests/incidents. We regularly monitor ticket queues, email folders and ensures that tickets are processed in a timely manner.

We work according documented Working instructions, we take care of the problem directly or forward to responsible teams if necessary.

IT Operations

IT operations team was established to provide wide range of resources to cover infrastructure services for our clients. Our team can help you build, keep up and running your infrastructure services. The aim of IT Operations team is to cover daily operating tasks, especially tasks driven by monitoring tools. Another goal of IT Operations team is to fulfill customer’s requests, to keep systems up to date and to protect it against any vulnerability. 

IT Operations team is aware of importance of technical documentation. Creation of technical documentation and baselines are one of the most important parts of our delivery. IT Operations team is able to create and regularly update technical documentations in order to keep and follow agreed standard across multiple customer’s environment and client's specifics.

Infrastructure support

IT Operations team consists of well-trained experts who are knowledgeable in terms of new trends and have capability to cover following technologies or areas:

Capacity team
  • Physical HW, Virtualization, Storage, SAN networking and Backups.
  • Highly effective and secure Infrastructure as a service.
  • Automation.

The key vendors we work with: Dell, HPE, VMware, NetApp, Veeam, Cisco and many others.

Cloud/Azure infrastructure & Identity acccess
  • The Cloud Infrastructure & Identity access architect provides an important service in analyzing and resolving issues related to the infrastructure backbone. Team has high level technical as well as communication skills in dealing with Active Directory management and Azure cloud services.
Windows server administration
  • Day-to-day business, Windows servers, OS patching.
  • Virtual servers on VMware, Hyper-V, Azure, overall security of the systems.
  • Deploying, configuring Windows servers according to CGI standards.
  • Automation, process optimization, knowledge management, customer environment optimization.
Network team
  • Supports whole customer network infrastructure.
  • All network components within DC and branches (firewalls, routers, switches, load balancers, Wi-Fi, etc.).
  • Day to day operations, software upgrades, license renewal.
Unix/linux server administration
  • Day-to-day troubleshooting.
  • Upgrading of AIX and linux-based systems and servers.
  • Viral and hardware server management, configuring user access, maintaining the overall security.
VMware administration
  • Deployment of new virtual machines, datastore management, installation, configuration, management of vSphere products.
  • Monitoring and troubleshooting, regular patch-roll outs, co-operating with backups and OS teams to provide complex cloud solutions.
Lotus Notes administration
  • User and database administration, LN Client and server troubleshooting.
  • Overall security, availability and tidiness of administered domains (with other teams).
User management administration
  • Managing user access to various IT resources – systems, devices, applications, storage systems, networks etc.
Backup & Recovery administration
  • Backup environment, i.e. installation, configuration, management and troubleshooting of backup servers and clients, etc.
Change management
  • Ensuring standardized procedures and methods are followed, organizational and technical process of planning and implementation of ticket-based changes.
OPS Center
  • 24/7 1st level of support/SPOC for various client`s requests/incidents.
  • Monitoring ticket queues, email folders and ensures that tickets are processed in a timely manner.
  • Internal IT (technical support, troubleshooting problems with new software, functionality of communication).
  • Deployement, Implementation and improvement of corporate internal IT processes and methods.

David Záluský

David Záluský

CGI member since 1997. Head of GTO Nearshore Center in Czech with 60 members.

Erik Kykal

Erik Kykal

CGI member since 2009. Director of interal IS/IT, OPS Center and UAM Team.

Patrik Studený

Patrik Studený

CGI member since 2018. Director of infrastructure engineers.