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What do our partners use CGI eSigner for?

  • Quick completion of the deal with the customer once the contractual terms are agreed.
  • Exchange and signing of acceptance reports, periodic expense and utilization statements.
  • Confirmation and signatures of documents requiring pre-approval or confirmation by a third party or supervisor.
  • Eliminating the need for printing and setting up a paperless process while maintaining a traditional handwritten signature on the document.

Electronic signature at your service - with API and adapters

Thanks to powerful yet simple eSigner API, you can easily connect CGI eSigner to any service you are using or planning to use. We will help you to do that.

We have an adapter for Salesforce and this makes the integration even faster, easier and the functions of both solutions more coherent.

We can handle large projects and help you with them

We can also offer you:

  • SLA to ensure you get the service you want
  • CGI eSigner testing environment
  • tools for digital document storage and management of long-term stored documents
  • expert consultation on signing and long-term archiving of signed documents
  • solutions for creating and verifying electronic signatures created with a certificate
  • other PKI-related components.

We are one of the global system integrators and consultants and can help you not only in the area of signing, but also connect you with technology experts in other segments.

Easily configurable options for electronic signing

You can combine and select signature parameters for each signature individually or within your document flow according to document types, recipients, type of meetings, etc.

CGI eSigner allows:

  • Any number of signers per document.
  • Any number of documents per message.
  • Handwritten signature or OTP signature.
  • Parametric placement of signature fields.
  • Mandatory or optional reading of the document before signing by specific addressees.
  • In case of multiple addressees and multiple documents in one message, the possibility to make some documents invisible for some addressees.
  • Sharing of the status of the signed document.
  • Option to parametrically pre-populate the signer's data at the signature field or elsewhere on the document.
  • Possibility to use two-factor authentication.

A number of other parameters and features is available.

We honor standards

At the end of signing process, we provide a document with a qualified time stamp and a qualified seal to ensure

  • the immutability of the document,
  • verifiability by other applications (e.g. Adobe Reader),
  • preparation of the document for long-term archiving so you don't have to think about it now, but when the time comes.

We honor and follow the EU regulations eIDAS and GDPR.


Pricing is straightforward and depends only on the number of signatures. You don't need to deal with user licenses, nor do you need to calculate servers or CPUs.


Contact us for more info: filip.stuna@cgi.com