Oil and gas – Royalty Management System (RMS)

Oil and gas companies that manage crown royalty reporting requirements manually may not realize or capitalize on all of the savings that are available. CGI offers innovative royalty management software and consulting services that meet complex regulatory reporting requirements and crown invoice obligations. CGI's Royalty Management System (RMS) automates this requirement and removes the guesswork and potential for administrative error through a modular and scalable solution.

RMS includes all of the functionality necessary for organizations to automate and validate corporate regulatory and crown royalty reporting requirements and includes allowable cost and crown invoice functionality. Widely used by GCA accountants and production accountants, RMS provides the following benefits:

  • Eliminates cumbersome spreadsheets and maximizes savings on royalties payable
  • Reduces manual work and potential for human error
  • Performs as an advanced and scalable solution
  • Allows for the ability to easily browse, import and export data
  • Leverages powerful reports that can be created in multiple formats