Delivering visibility for profitability, forecasting, simulation and production optimization

The upstream oil and gas industry faces constant change from the discovery of new fields, increasingly from unconventional methods. Volumes of data from new sources including field data capture, along with evolving state and federal regulations, continue to increase data complexity. Better data visibility is needed for understanding the profitability of global portfolios on a well-by-well basis. Companies seeking to modernize their hydrocarbon accounting systems to meet these demands can look to CGI’s X2R HCA.

Solution overview

Every operation in the upstream life cycle is different, and business practices vary by company, facility and region. A high-performance hydrocarbon accounting function must handle the growing complexity and volume of data in an evolving regulatory landscape.

CGI’s innovative X2R HCA application uses advanced technology to give operators the visibility they need for profitability, forecasting, simulation and production optimization. It also:

  • Integrates seamlessly with multiple applications, including ERP, land and lease, reserves management, GIS and well management
  • Is flexible and scalable to support accounting across multiple companies
  • Is configurable to support region-specific capabilities cost effectively
  • Can be deployed via Software as a Service (SaaS) as a cost-effective alternative to client-managed installations, reducing the demands on internal IT staff while improving business continuity
  • Can be implemented in a matter of days with powerful data transport capability included

HCA production management

In the current challenging environment where exploiting cost efficiencies are paramount, X2R HCA has the tools you need to drive increased value. Powerful exception-based dashboards provide the ability to validate data in real time and quickly understand developing trends affecting production uptime. Ease of integration with existing systems, including other X2R business suite modules, delivers visibility to asset profitability and alignment of production to plan - key factors that directly influence company valuation.

The web-based, self-service reporting tool includes standard alert and scheduling capabilities as well as dynamic functionality that enables creation of company-specific operations management dashboards, viewable on your laptop, tablet or phone. This cutting-edge data visualization capability eliminates back-office spend and provides valuable insight into demand.     

HCA business benefits

  • Tracking of unscheduled production deferment trends by company, field or facility giving management insight into areas or personnel that need attention
  • Exception-based dashboard reports for:
    • Operators - assistance prioritizing routes at the start of the shift by managing wells by exception
    • Production accountants – proactively manages data quality prior to critical month end reporting by tracking facility balancing, data tolerance, etc.
    • Administrators – field surveillance data managed by exception with emails
  • Comprehensive data integrity business logic to prevent data quality issues at the source
  • Fully date effective system to manage all changes in allocation networks effectively
  • Custom data fields to capture other critical data such as GHG, Chemical Injection, Compressor metrics
  • Embedded query tool that gives access to all data elements in the database including custom data fields added by you  

Download the X2R HCA fact sheet.