A solution that provides access to current and accurate financial information is essential to making the right decisions for business growth—as is knowing the best way to manage this financial information. With CGI's enterprise and financial management system enVision, clients have access to the right data for the right people at the right time.

enVision is a fully integrated and scalable modular financial management system that provides all the solutions you need today and tomorrow. Serving the needs of more than 1,200 accounting professionals—from junior oil and gas companies to major, multinational conglomerates—CGI's enVision has been a tool of choice for more than a decade.

Capabilities of our enVision joint venture accounting solution include the following:

  • A powerful enterprise system that grows as your company grows 
  • Flexible and open architecture that easily integrates with other e-business applications
  • Full integration with CGI's production accounting and asset management systems
  • Easy uploads of industry and corporate data to the application

CGI offers a wide variety of deployment options for enVision to suit your operating processes, from single desktop systems to complex server configurations. As an alternative to client managed and resourced client/server installations, CGI offers hosted options. This provides clients with increased operational efficiency by reducing the demands on internal IT staff in supporting applications and providing failsafe business continuity with an off-site backup.