Without current and accurate access to critical asset performance and insights, fast and smart business decisions cannot be made, which can paralyze growth. CGI’s Production Management (PM) Suite enables clients to make informed business decisions and increase productivity with easy access to daily production information.

The most widely used field data capture system in the Canadian oil and gas industry, CGI’s solution suite includes the following modules:

  • Production Volume Reporting (PVR) – makes the business processes and workflows associated with operations data collection more efficient
  • Gas Facility Reporting (GFR) – assists plant operators with the daily management of gas plant data and product allocations
  • Contract Nomination System (CNS) – provides for the daily management of contracts and prepares transport estimates
  • Heavy Oil Module (HVO) – addresses the specific needs of heavy oil operations, including the ability to manage cleaning plants,
    disposal caverns, advanced truck ticketing, single well batteries, thermal wells (including SAGD operations) and fuel gas networks
  • Data Interface Module – integrates all PM suite modules through the use of a standardized API and data extraction layer that eliminates direct calls to the back-end database

CGI’s PM suite is offered through a wide variety of deployment options to suit your operating needs. Benefits and features of the production management solution suite include the following:

  • Easy to use, learn and deploy industry standard field data capture application
  • Quick and easy access to accurate daily and monthly oil and gas production information
  • Near real-time operations and production data from any geographic location
  • Integration with other mission-critical applications like production accounting and land to create a complete and up-to-date picture of business performance