Location data is constantly being generated by business activity, but is not being applied to provide meaningful value or insights. There is a huge opportunity to expand location intelligence in organizations that are getting ready to be location aware. We provide the means and the expertise to capture, process, store, build insights and drive changes in your organization using location aware services.

CGI provides high-end IT and Management Consulting to better leverage geospatial data assets and build a comprehensive roadmap to success in your data-driven digital transformation. The following document focuses on our value driven approach to success, how our Geospatial Centre of Excellence can better support your organization to accelerate time to market for insightful and meaningful geo-enabled business solutions.

Accelerate location intelligence adoption with strategic partnership

CGI high-end IT and management consulting services chart the path to location intelligence value. To be indisputably recognized as a leader, CGI can help you become:

  • Outcome-oriented : Accelerate progress in research and innovation, geospatial solutions delivery, application maintenance and development, migration to the enterprise geospatial platform, and geospatial data analytics capabilities. Contribute to tangible outcomes that offer value to your customers.
  • User-Driven and Responsive : Align technology with business to take a responsive, market/user-driven approach that enables your partners to be in turn user-driven and responsive. Offer the user experience you wish you had and you would personally pay for.
  • Creative : Find new ways to foster creativity and innovation, through design thinking sessions and workshops, keep and open mind constantly adapting to change. Engage with your stakeholders (bottom up and top down) and encourage them to share creative ideas, but more importantly keep track of innovations.
  • Collaborative : Catalyze and coordinate approaches to drive outcomes through partnerships across the industry, academia and stakeholders. Set yourself for success by becoming a partner of choice and a trusted advisor.
  • Strategic : Advise the organization on its standards development, bringing forward geospatial leadership, foresight and expertise overarching services and programs, and leveraging strategic partnerships across stakeholders. Transform GIS into an organization wide strategy for location intelligence with a Center of Excellence.
  • Data-Driven, Transparent and Accountable : Demonstrate and communicate proactively, promote a fact based approach with tangible value of investments in geospatial via success stories and performance measurements. Create tailor-made strategies grounded in facts and common sense to manage security and privacy in an ever more complex ecosystem.