By Jamie Holland

Jamie Holland

I’ve been conducting face-to-face Voice of Our Clients (VOC) interviews with senior-level client executives since 2017. From the start, executives have been overwhelmingly open to these conversations because of the opportunity they present for in-depth dialogue that leads to valuable outcomes.

We typically sit down with executives for about two hours, asking probing questions that help them to identify key trends, priorities and challenges within their businesses. This gives us a better understanding of their issues, which leads to trust and connection. Executives know that our leaders are out in the field, listening to a wide range of clients, assessing market dynamics and gathering data that they can then leverage in setting the right course for their businesses.

Sharing peer priorities

Senior-level client executives also value the data and insights our VOC program delivers, including comprehensive benchmarking data. We’re able to share aggregated information on their peers’ concerns, priorities, investment decisions, and more, which, in turn, helps them to better evaluate their own businesses.

Presenting a “big picture” industry view

Once we complete our interviews and analysis, we follow up with each client to deliver a comprehensive report on our findings and recommendations. These presentations provide a ‘big picture’ view of each client’s industry, competition and opportunities. Our client account teams join these meetings to answer questions, learn more from the clients, and offer them support in moving forward.

Helping clients generate new business opportunities

In my work with banking clients across Canada, the VOC has opened the door to new business opportunities for many of them. For example, VOC dialogue, findings and recommendations played a role in helping one of Canada’s largest mutual fund companies identify its need to evolve its legacy asset management solution and ancillary applications. This led to an expanded partnership with CGI to modernize the solution, including its infrastructure, operations and call center. In turn, the client has been able to increase efficiencies and cost savings while also improving the customer experience.”

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Every year, CGI leaders meet with business and IT executives to gather their perspectives on the trends affecting their enterprises. These industry insights, including the attributes of digital leaders, lead to actions that best satisfy the needs of your customers and citizens.
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