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Roy Kao
Roy Kao

How are Canada’s banks positioned for the leap into an open banking ecosystem?

September 23, 2022 Open banking will transform the country’s traditional banking models and blur the boundaries, roles, and offerings of an array of providers. As financial services become increasingly digital and API driven, it will enable dramatic improvements in customer-approved financial data sharing...

Aline Tannous
Aline Tannous

Open banking in Canada: Ready for a brave new financial world?

August 9, 2022 Turning our gaze to Ottawa, the federal government has targeted 2023 for the launch of the first phase of open banking in Canada. Earlier this year, they appointed the nation’s open-banking lead, Abraham Tachjian, to develop a made-in-Canada solution.

To prepare for the move to open banking and open finance, National Bank of Canada, one of Canada’s six systemically important banks, selected CGI, a trusted 20+ year partner, to help position the Bank as a market leader when new...

Open banking is poised to offer customers a revolutionary new ecosystem, featuring the instant and secure exchange of customer data between financial institutions and accredited third parties such as fintechs.

Both credit unions will be implementing CGI’s RFS360® banking solution, a platform that allows for the effective management and custom design of banking activities.

CGI announced today that it has renewed and extended its contract for financial services solutions with Westoba Credit Union, which serves the greater Brandon and Manitoba markets.

Drew Brown

3 actions financial advisors believe firms can take to enhance business in the digital age

April 21, 2021 CGI has initiated a number of global efforts to gauge the pandemic’s permanent technological impact on business. As part of that initiative, we’ve engaged in active dialogue with executives and their frontline teams across the Canadian wealth management landscape. Specifically...