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Explore the answers to frequently asked questions regarding CGI careers and employment in Canada below or download the FAQ here.

Is CGI currently hiring?

CGI is hiring. You can find all available positions on our Canada Careers page. New positions are regularly added. Create a profile and sign up for job alerts to receive updates.

How is CGI onboarding new employees currently? 

To ensure we protect the health and safety of our employees, we have integrated new onboarding procedures. New employees will receive online orientation training during their first day, followed by online meetings with their hiring manager and teams.  

Do you consider international candidates? 

CGI always considers international applicants. CGI is following governmental guidelines regarding immigration processes.

Do CGI employees work remotely?

Our employees’ safety is our priority. We will continue to have flexibility for our people. Employees are working remotely and progressively those whose presence on site is deemed essential are allowed on premises where social distancing measures to minimize contact have been implemented.

What is the recruitment process for my application?

Our Talent Acquisition team will review your application first.  Shortlisted candidates will hear back from a recruiter. Then, expect a discussion with a hiring manager or technical teams. Your recruiter will remain your main contact person at all stages of the journey.

How did CGI adapt the recruitment process considering the current situation?

Our priority is to protect our employees and our candidates. Following governmental guidelines, CGI has adapted the recruitment process. All contacts with our teams will be held by phone, email or video conferencing for the time being.

No in-person meetings or interviews will be set up during this time. Your recruiter will remain your main contact person at all stages.

What are CGI’s Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives during COVID-19? 

For over 43 years, being a responsible and caring member of the communities where we live and work has been a CGI core value. Our commitment to our communities during this unprecedented global pandemic is as strong as ever and we are using “Tech for Good” and other means to make a difference.

Here are just a few examples of our engagement from across the country:

  • Montreal Health Institute collaboration: To help evaluate a potential treatment for COVID-19, a team of nearly 50 members in Canada collaborated with the world-renowned Montreal Heart Institute to launch a new clinical trial for a promising medicine. CGI members worked around the clock to develop and launch a secure digital recruitment and monitoring platform that is now live and supporting trials in the province of Quebec and in New York City.
  • WellCan™ partnership: CGI is one of the twenty-one new organizations that have joined as partners in support of WellCan™, a free collection of digital resources to support the mental health of all Canadians during COVID-19. Through the growing collaboration of organizations, WellCan™ addresses challenges brought on by COVID-19 through an extensive database of information. Health chatbot: CGI has developed a chatbot (digital assistant) with Health and Government agencies in British Columbia. The chatbot is able to triage information requests on websites (CDC and HealthLinkBC) relating to COVID-19 responses. This new tool will support the government health helpline (811) which has seen a spike in calls since COVID-19 reached the province, forcing citizens to wait upward of an hour for advice.
  • STEM activities: We have launched our ‘STEM@CGI at Home’ program through which we release weekly STEM based activities that parents can do at home with their children. The activities are aimed at students aged 8-14 but everyone can get involved. Activities encompass all aspects of STEM, including coding, environmental sustainability and robotics.
For which industry sectors is CGI hiring?

CGI has forged very strong partnership over more than 40 years, in the following core industries: banking and capital markets, communications, government, healthcare, insurance, life sciences, manufacturing, oil & gas, retail & consumer services, transportation & logistics, and utilities.

CGI delivers end-to-end services and solutions, including high-end IT and business consulting, systems integration, intellectual property, and managed IT and business process services. 

Is CGI holding recruitment events? 

CGI is following the guidelines from the government on the suggested format for gatherings. At this time, events are held virtually until further notice. Our Campus recruitment events calendar will be shortly available here.

What is the status of Graduate and Student Programs at CGI?

Our Campus team is updating the plans for the upcoming academic year. You can find all updates and information here.

How can I submit my application or review available positions? 

The best option is to check our website for all available positions and to apply online. We also invite you to create your profile and activate job alerts.

I see there are job postings for future openings. What is the expected hiring timelines if I apply for those opportunities?

All applications will be retained for in-depth review by our Talent Acquisition team considering our current business needs. As we continue to evaluate our talent needs, all available opportunities will be posted on our Careers page. Timelines can vary depending on each position and our business needs. Our Talent Acquisition team is doing their best to provide a swift answer to all candidates.

One of our recruiters will be in touch to provide you with more information on hiring timelines if your profile matches the requirements for a new job opening. 

What will the interview process look like? What technology do I need to prepare for the interview? 

You will receive interview details from one of our recruiters. Interviews are held either on the phone or via video conferencing (e.g. WebEx, Skype, Microsoft Teams or similar technologies).

Can I apply for several positions at CGI and in different locations?

Yes, you are welcome to submit your application for several opportunities according to your skillset and at any CGI location. 

What is the best way to submit my application when there are no open positions in my field?

We recommend that you create your profile and activate job alerts. You can also regularly check our Careers page for all new job openings.

The position I applied for is no longer available on the Careers page, what does that mean?

There could be several possibilities to explain why the position you applied for is no longer available on our Careers page: the position is on hold, the deadline to submit an application is overdue, or the position has been fulfilled. Please make sure to activate job alerts in your profile to get informed of our newest openings. We encourage you to follow CGI on social media to be aware of our latest achievements and projects as well.

Who can I contact to get an update on the status of my application?

If you are already involved in our interview process, please reach out to your recruiter for all updates.  You can also refer to your candidate profile and application list for a status. 

I have submitted my application for one of your positions. How can I be sure my application has been received?

As part of our recruitment process, candidates receive a confirmation email. If you did not receive it, please refer to your candidate profile to make sure you completed all steps of the application. All positons you applied for should be listed in your profile.

Once your application is received, it will be carefully reviewed by our Talent Acquisition team.

I have received a confirmation for a video interview. How will that work?

The recruiter will email you all relevant information in advance. Please make sure to download any required app, if needed, at least one day prior to the interview, to be all set for the meeting.

Is there any delay on the background check process? How long will it take to have feedback?

Usually, our background check process takes 3 to 5 business days if all required documentation is received promptly. However, due to the current situation, we could experience delays, in which case you will hear back from your recruiter.

I have a signed offer letter with a confirmed start date, what do I need to know?

Your recruiter will be in touch to confirm next steps. In addition, the onboarding team will provide information regarding your first day and orientation a few days before your official start date.

How is CGI taking care of its employees during the pandemic?

At CGI, we take care of the health, safety, and well-being of our employees. Of course, we are now experiencing an unprecedented situation and we therefore deployed several additional initiatives to provide support to all employees: remote working, training sessions and webinars available 24/7, guidelines and best practices, STEM@CGI AT HOME activities for children 6 to 14, flexible work hours, etc. Please follow our LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter accounts to find out more.

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