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Parents, educators, caregivers and mentors can download our activity packs to help children learn all aspects of STEM, including coding, robotics and more. Explore the activities below, click to download the pack and get started!

STEM@CGI Support

CGI now offers personalized phone support! Call 1866 CGI STEM to speak with CGI coaches on all previous and future STEM at Home activities. If you have any questions, you also can send us an email to

Download the activities

Create a memory game


Download the activities

Predict rainbows


Download the activities

Create an environmental magazine


Download the activities

Create your own tech toyse


Download the activities

Create your own adventure game world

Earth Day


Download the activities

Create your favorite recipe


Download the activities

Discover space


Download the activities

Invent your own pattern pen


Download the activities

Make a timer


Download the activities

Create an animated sunrise



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