CGI’s Data as a Service (DaaS) is based on a methodology that helps organizations navigate through the challenge of becoming a data-driven organization. 


Delivering value from data and utilizing available information to create insights about customer, products, partners, and competitors should be a top priority for any organization that strives to remain relevant. Many organizations today struggle to navigate the complexity of multiple disjointed legacy systems, and to make use of new apps in the context of a continuously changing technology landscape. In all those challenges, data is often left behind or forgotten. In the era when Machine Learning capabilities allow organizations to create new AI service offerings, limit operational costs and uncover the unrealized value hidden in the dark data the importance of the data quality becomes an organizational must. Availability and access to data, unlimited storage and computing powers have removed the barriers of entry into many industries, resulting in new players and, often, surprising competitors entering new markets.

CGI offers Data as a Service (DaaS) based on an internally developed methodology to help organizations navigate through the challenge of becoming a data-driven organization. Our tried-and-tested Three-Part Framework was built to help organizations become more data driven. Using best-in-class advanced analytics techniques (Cognitive, Visualizations, ML and Operational Models), CGI’s DaaS offering creates real business value by taking advantage of unrealized value hidden in the data.

While CGI’s DaaS will help your organization through much of your analytics journey, many of our clients begin the process with our Data2Diamonds offerings. Organizations who are just starting their journey with data and analytics use Datat2Diamonds to assess their current state and understand the true value of data within the context of their business. If your organization is interested in learning about the potential value of data analytics, click here or contact CGI to learn more.