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CGI’s vision for unifying people, processes, machines and technology in manufacturing

CGI’s Manufacturing Atlas offers a proven and integrated step-by-step approach to improve efficiency, reduce costs and gain the competitive advantages of Industry 4.0.

A digital factory is an intelligent, digitally connected, plant that interfaces with its entire ecosystem to optimize and enhance operations. It is a factory that realizes Industry 4.0 objectives, while striving for true sustainability and human-centricity. Designed with business objectives...

Norbert Seimandi
Norbert Seimandi

Moving from the supply chain to the “demand chain” to meet customer needs

October 29, 2019 Manufacturers and retailers face a major challenge to put the customer at the heart of their supply chain. This is nothing less than a paradigm shift—one that requires organizations to undergo an end-to-end transformation based on a new business vision...

Find out why Industry 4.0 belongs on the C-level agenda, and the challenges, benefits and ways to initiate and accelerate your Industry 4.0 journey.

March 21, 2018 CGI opens a new global center of excellence (COE) in Lyon, France dedicated to helping clients worldwide transform their supply chains and ecosystems through advanced digital technologies.