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Corporate social responsibility

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Partnering to make a difference

With our clients:

We combine our in-depth knowledge, leading IT solutions, and end-to-end service offerings to help our clients successfully manage sustainability opportunities and challenges. We help them reduce their environmental impact and energy costs while improving regulatory compliance programs and the well-being of their own employees, citizens and customers.

With our communities:

We recognize that each of us has a role to play in improving our relationship with the environment. Across our operations worldwide, we actively engage with the communities in which we live and work to support a wide range of environmental initiatives to help protect the planet for future generations.

CGI supports COP26

From the seabed to space, CGI is trusted to do complex things well, and is committed to supporting a sustainable planet for future generations. 

Read a joint op-ed for edie with Tara McGeehan, CGI’s President for UK and Australia, and Alok Sharma, COP26 President, on how policy and business can work in unison to accelerate climate action.


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U.N. climate change conference U.K. 2021

CGI supports COP26

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Joining forces on Project Seagrass to reduce CO2

CGI and Project Seagrass are joining forces to support the understanding and future conservation of seagrass ecosystems, one of the UK’s most promising carbon sinks.

Together, we are committed to ensuring that the benefits seagrass meadows provide to communities are sustained now and for the future.


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Our sustainability solutions reflect decades of experience in energy, utilities, manufacturing, distribution, government and space. 

These solutions help clients manage smart grids, smart metering and renewable energy assets, as well as sustainable transport and supply chains. They support electric vehicle charge point management, emissions monitoring, eco-friendly route planning and carbon management. They also use space data to help protect the environment. For example, we use Earth observation data to detect, manage and predict floods, fires, vegetation and forestry growth, as well as oil spills and leaks. Examples include:

“Through our ethical, socially and environmentally sustainable business practices, we strive to deliver value for all three of our stakeholders – our clients, our employees and our shareholders.”

George D. Schindler
President and Chief Executive Officer

Increasing efficiency in using Earth observation and geospatial data

CGI GeoData360 enables production workflows that consume Earth observation and geospatial data to produce valuable business information and run cost efficiently at scale.

Promoting more sustainable travel decisions

Our SmartTravel solution combines digital technologies such as mobility, gamification, big data analytics and travel mode detection to influence and reward driver behavior, include more sustainable choices. 

Assessing risks and damage from natural events

CGI EnvironmentMonitor360 uses space data to help assess risks and damage from natural events such as hurricanes, floods and storms.

Managing food waste to reduce CO2

CGI Waste Manager, CGI Aromi’s new food waste management module, collects food waste data in real-time, enabling clients to better track and manage accumulated waste. This drives efficiencies, saves cost and reduces CO2 emissions. 

Supporting hydrogen ecosystems

A data exchange platform built to support effective collaboration within hydrogen ecosystems, CGI AgileDX-Hydrogen provides a centralized view of data and processes, promotes full transparency and auditability, and enables seamless internal and external communication. 

Enabling smart energy grids

To limit power grid imbalances, we developed a Central Energy Management System (CEMS) for smart grids. Residents can use the information provided by CEMS to make better choices with regard to their energy consumption.

Improving renewable energy asset management

Our Renewables Management System (RMS) enables the proactive and efficient management of renewable assets by providing greater insight into operations and analyzing key performance indicators and their evolution.

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