Production Accounting Solution (PAS)

Optimizing accounting data to drive growth

The role of an upstream production accountant has never been more critical in light of today's upstream industry challenges, including increased demand, competition, costs and regulation. Responsible for gathering, analyzing and disseminating financial and production data, production accountants play a key role in driving the strategic decisions that determine the future of their companies. Without the right tools, the risk of errors and bad decisions is high.

CGI works with production accountants to provide what they need to effectively perform their critical tasks, while also gaining efficiencies and reducing back-office costs. Designed for production accountants by production accountants, CGI's Production Accounting Solution (PAS) was built in collaboration with experts from Devon, EnCana, Husky and Talisman to optimize the entire production accounting life cycle for both small and large upstream businesses.

PAS features

PAS delivers a platform centered on best practices, process excellence and the latest technologies. With PAS, production accountants are freed from time-consuming data entry and conversions associated with legacy applications, allowing them to concentrate on strategic initiatives that deliver value to the business.

Key features of PAS include the following:

  • Easy-to-use query and reporting tool for one-off or customized reporting
  • Broad set of standard reports for partners, government audit and SOX purposes produced in PDF, CSV and HTML formats
  • Comprehensive progress dashboard that knows what's complete or incomplete at any point in time
  • Extensive knowledge base that includes e-learning offerings

A variety of PAS deployment options are available—from single desktop to complex server configurations. CGI can also host the system, reducing the demands on internal IT staff.

PAS benefits

PAS is a powerful enterprise production accounting solution that delivers the following benefits to CGI's upstream clients:

  • Easy-to-use, flexible system
  • Sustainable design with a 20+ year life
  • Scalable for companies of all sizes, from a part-time PA to 100+ full-time PAs
  • Integrates with other CGI solutions such as Production Volume Reporting, as well as other industry-leading applications
  • Error-free, efficient business processes that eliminate manual entry through automated data imports
  • Reduction in the need for workarounds, dummy facilities and spreadsheets
  • Fail-safe business continuity with offsite backup
  • Open development process, where users determine the priority of future enhancements and features