In a rapidly evolving marketplace, payment service providers (PSPs) continue to be under increasing pressure to introduce innovative services, enable faster processing across multiple channels and achieve lower costs.  With the pandemic significantly accelerating the shift to digital and contactless payments, many organizations are looking to improve the scalability, flexibility, security and resilience of their technology supply chains to stay ahead of the curve. This includes harmonizing a vast array of technologies and services, such as cloud, automation and smart managed services.

PAYONE, one of Europe’s leading PSPs, is no stranger to the demands of the fast-changing payments landscape. As a forward-focused company facilitating 3.8 billion transactions a year for over 260,000 customers, PAYONE was looking to transform its operations to better serve customers by investing in new technologies.

Laying the foundation for a fully automated, digital IT work environment

CGI experts in Germany already were providing consulting services to PAYONE on a master data orchestration project. Having built a significant level of trust in our payments and IT consulting expertise, we were a natural fit to support PAYONE’s evolving cloud priorities.

Using our modular cloud native and enterprise platform solution for financial services, we implemented a secure, private cloud infrastructure to run container-based applications. The solution offers the flexibility to adopt a hybrid cloud approach by adding professional cloud services for less critical applications, if required. We also automated the end-to-end CI/CD pipeline to perform releases at a much faster pace.

“With a secure, private cloud underpinning operations, PAYONE can continue to build on its success through intensified cost control, high agility and innovation for the benefit of its merchant clients. The implementation of a modern software engineering standard supports the integration of the different business units and locations and sets the stage for Payone's transition to a modern cloud and DevOps IT model.”

Roland Schaar, CTOO PAYONE

Looking toward the future

Following the successful delivery of PAYONE’s private cloud infrastructure, our team is working with PAYONE to run pilot applications in the new cloud environment. Assisted by cloud and automation, PAYONE continues to build greater flexibility and resilience into its technology supply chain to rapidly evolve and pivot to new business realities. In the future, we will continue to work closely to support PAYONE and Worldline’s further transformation success, with a focus on value-based outcomes.