We have more than 40 years’ expertise in geospatial data processing and management, providing systems integration, data handling systems and user applications. We deliver a complete set of services to integrate Earth Observation and Geospatial data into applications and digital twins. We help our clients to create scalable, modular and secure solutions, fusing data from multiple sources to create decision-ready insights.

Our end-to-end capabilities give us a unique position to support our clients from the upstream work of launching, navigating and operating satellites, to building and running the ground segment.

We are able to provide solutions based on Open Source Components, CGI GeoData360, QGIS, and ESRI. Our technology agnostic approach ensures that customers benefit from best-of-breed solutions. We work with free data-sets from ESA and NASA, as well as commercial imagery providers across the globe. Our solutions are used by multiple markets including government, defence, forestry, mining and telecommunications.