Paul Gallucci

Senior Vice-President, Greater Toronto, Banking, Insurance and Payments for CGI

Paul leads the Greater Toronto Banking, Insurance and Payments operations, with overall responsibility for client relationships and service delivery across business consulting, systems integration, managed services and outsourcing for our largest Canadian Banking and Payments clients.

Victor Tung

Senior Executive, U.S. Chief Technology and Operations Officer, BMO

Victor is responsible for the strategic and operational governance processes of the U.S. T&O organization and ensuring that it is consistent with Enterprise direction. Further, he is responsible to ensure that the U.S. T&O organization operates in alignment with the U.S. Governance model. 

What is Digital First transformation?

What is Digital First and why BMO decided to embark on this transformation journey?

Objectives of Digital First transformation

Employees and customers are looking for that Digital First experience. Victor explains the mindset change and that there is no end to this journey.

DevOps and Agile framework development

How Digital First led to transforming operations at the bank and the development of a DevOps and Agile framework.

Attracting and retaining talent

How the technology environment has impacted attracting and retaining talent.

Diversity & inclusion for success

How has diversity factored into the Digital First strategy?

Skills for Change organization

Victor shares his passions around the Skills for Change organization.

Driving the customer experience

Why the client experience / center of excellence is so important in this Digital First journey.

How is the economy impacting banking & digital strategy?

The banks approach to navigating through the challenges of the economic environment.

Building successful business partnerships

Partnering to understand customer needs and moving the needle to become more outcomes focused.