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Following the COVID-19 outbreak, a Canadian province needed new digital services to help control the spread of the virus, protect citizens and assist affected businesses.

DynaLIFE is a major Canadian medical laboratory offering diagnostic testing services to Albertans. When its new COVID-19 test option for travelers caused a surge in contact center demand, CGI helped alleviate the burden with a conversational chatbot, or virtual agent.

The CGI team identified and implemented the solution within five days, working around the clock. The team spent the first two days assessing the client’s situation and its readiness for a cloud solution, as well as designing a proof of...

At CGI, we are passionate about helping students in our communities become the next-generation of information technology professionals. Through our STEM@CGI program, we attract, retain and develop the talent of young people for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) careers.

This video describes briefly how CGI can help you accurately model the movement of people using crowd simulation to support physical distancing requirements and minimize future business disruption.

To adapt to the many impacts of COVID-19, organizations are rethinking how they do business. Many are rapidly adopting new business models, processes and technologies. As their operations evolve, a key concern is reducing the cost of IT infrastructure management...

CGI is working with a large Canadian public transportation agency to help plan how it responds, rebounds and reinvents through this crisis.