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Revolutionizing business operations. Transforming cybersecurity as fraud threats soar. Managing compliance challenges. Tapping into the power of advanced analytics. Delivering digital customer experiences

The digital economy is rewriting the rules for business and as today’s connected and mobile consumers embrace digital tools and online services, we are witnessing revolutionary changes in the auto insurance market. A key driver is the need to meet...

Navjeet Nehra

Four key trends in the race to enhance customer experience and reduce insurer costs

March 24, 2023 The race is on for Canada’s life and health insurers to adopt revolutionary new technologies amid fast-changing marketplace demographics and the need to meet evolving customer expectations in the digital economy. Younger consumers are rapidly reshaping the marketplace as they...

In a fiercely competitive and rapidly changing global marketplace, insurers are focused on transforming their operations and taking advantage of new opportunities ushered in by the Internet of Everything (IoE) and the third platform of IT.

Beneva Insurance is pursuing a bold and ambitious plan to make its mark as an industry digital leader in today’s dynamic, hypercompetitive environment. To do this, Beneva has identified Business Agility as a key strategic lever to efficiently and flexibly...

Ashok Reddy
Ashok Reddy

A digitally enabled ‘agent experience’ can drive growth for today’s life insurers

October 19, 2022 The need for speed has never been greater for life insurance agents as they compete to meet the fast-evolving demands and expectations of today’s connected consumer. In our mobile digital economy, agents expect the commissions they earn to be processed...

Ashok Reddy
Ashok Reddy

Forward-looking insurers are embracing modern Policy Administration Systems

August 22, 2022 In today’s fast-changing, hypercompetitive business environment, forward-looking life insurance organizations are pursuing modern digital capabilities that will help them bring innovative new products and services to market as quickly and efficiently as possible.