Digitization is no longer a luxury. It is the only way for your company to stay ahead of the curve and earn your clients’ trust. Whether you’re looking to migrate legacy applications to the cloud, modernize existing client-facing applications, or launch a new mobile app that will disrupt your market, you can count on CGI’s project managers to bring your project to reality.  Here is how you get higher value from your projects with a team of CGI project managers.

Elicit project benefits

Manage financial risks with business case justifications for every IT project and ensure that benefits are well defined and delivered.

Manage project risks

Experienced CGI project management office and project managers ensure proper definition and control of any risk encountered in your projects journey.

Successfully deliver value

Benefit from end-to-end management of agile or waterfall project delivery, starting with strategy.

Choose higher performance to drive your business digitization

Bring a team of highly skilled CGI project managers to your organization to strengthen IT and business delivery capacities. CGI will ensure to provide resources that properly match the required knowledge and competence based on your needs and context.

At CGI, we understand that the overall goal of organizations relying on external consultants is to achieve business objectives. The real value of consulting services lies in the delivered product itself, not the talent provided.

performance budgeting

Strengthen your project management office with robust and agile delivery practices

By bringing CGI into your project management office (PMO), our senior consultants can help you formalize, prioritize, and execute projects with better results.

Discuss your needs with CGI’s team to create your ideal PMO capacity. Furthermore, you can count on CGI’s fully autonomous and flexible teams.

Why choose CGI’s project managers

  • CGI has more than 1,500 project managers in Canada, 100 recruiters and workforce managers as well as an extensive pool of highly skilled candidates.
  • Each of our project managers has attended mandatory trainings, pursues continuous training, and benefits from mentoring as needed.
  • As they start a new client assignment, CGI resources are prepared, onboarded, and coached by senior consultants.
  • CGI supports peer review of project management deliverables and periodic performance monitoring with PMO managers.
  • We maintain regular communications with our project managers to remind them of the client's needs, expectations, and business objectives.
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From skills shortage to optimization and resilience of your supply chain, environmental regulations, or cost reduction, CGI can support your business, from strategy development through to implementation, execution, and continuous learning.

No matter the size of your business, we have the right expertise for you.
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