Rick Davidson - Senior Vice-President, Banking & Global Wealth at CGI

Rick leads client relationship development and service delivery, including the delivery of consulting, systems integration, IP development and outsourcing services, focused on banking and wealth management clients in the Greater Toronto Area.

Peter Sweers - Chief Technology & Operations Officer at Interac

Peter Sweers is responsible for all technology and security, the delivery of operational platforms and spearheading payments modernization efforts for Interac, including working with Payments Canada on the design and delivery of real time rail.

CGI and Interac : full video interview

We sat down with Peter Sweers, Chief Technology and Operations Officers at Interac, in his garage-turned-office, to discuss how the pandemic has impacted the lives of Canadians, and how Interac has transformed in response.

Return to office

Peter discusses the challenges (and opportunities) of returning to the office – for Interac, and for business in general.

Canadian spending habits

Over the last 2 years, Canadian spending habits have transformed, while Interac transactions have increased.

"Cardmageddon" on the horizon

Peter discuss the drastic shift to electronic transactions over the pandemic, and the progressive disappearance of physical means of payment.

Accelerated shift to digital

Interac shopping data shows spike in consumers and businesses choosing digital payments as economy begins to reopen.

Digital ID in a open finance world

In this segment, Peter explores how digital ID will make Canadians’ data more secure.

Interac's role in the move to open finance 

Open banking is set to shake up the financial services landscape in Canada – how does Interac fit into this picture?

Transforming the Interac talent strategy

Peter shares insights on how Interac finds (and retains) solid talent in a highly competitive environment.

What's next on the transformation journey

Peter shares his take on tokenization as the next digital disruptor in financial services (and beyond).

CGI’s long-standing partnership with Interac

Learn more about how CGI has partnered (and continues to partner!) with Interac along their transformation journey.

CGI services for Banking & capital markets

Learn more about how CGI can support your organization in their transformation journey.