In today's modern workplace, it is essential to provide employees with the necessary support and tools to improve organizational performance. One way to do this is by utilizing digital solutions, such as Microsoft's Viva employee experience platform. Viva, which is integrated with Microsoft 365 and Teams, covers all aspects of the employee experience, from community engagement and performance objectives to knowledge management, training, and employee well-being.

Enabling Viva in your organization is simple, but the real challenge lies in managing the adoption of its new ways of working so that employees can truly benefit from the improved well-being and organizational behaviors it offers. That's where CGI comes in. With our IT and business consulting expertise, we have the capabilities and processes in place to integrate Viva into your organization while taking into account your unique needs and business objectives. Additionally, our experience in complex, large-scale Microsoft 365 deployments gives us the skills necessary to assist you with its implementation.

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