Map material impacts of ESG risks, ensure data accuracy and completeness, and align process and operations to ambitious sustainability strategies and targets.

Why is ESG becoming a top priority?

Reporting on ESG impacts is becoming an important part of the investment and regulatory processes as consumers, clients, shareholders, and stakeholders all want to know what is being done to ensure the organization is sustainable.

Top challenges

There is an existential impetus for climate action in some industries more than others. Stakeholders and shareholders alike are consequently requiring organizations to identify and address unmanaged ESG risks.  But the breadth and depth of ESG concerns may be overwhelming.

How we can help

CGI leverages its complementary expertise in management consulting, consulting services, intellectual property (IP) solutions, and partnerships to help you successfully identify and capitalize on sustainability opportunities while mitigating the risks and challenges of climate change.

Where we can help

  • ESG Data Science
  • Operationalization
  • ESG Governance & Reporting
  • ESG Assessments
  • Sustainability strategy
  • Net zero advisory

To find out more about our sustainability & ESG solutions, please contact our business consulting experts.

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