With decades of experience in connecting strategy to execution, as well as planning, delivering and supporting IT implementations, our partnership with Board will optimize and accelerate your financial and operational transformation.

CGI’s extensive business and operational consulting expertise, proximity model and global network or experts, merged with Board’s modern, intelligent planning software, will enhance your financial and operational processes,.

Our North American experts bring deep industry, process, and technology knowledge, applying innovative approaches across all business sectors to tackle new market realities—from enhancing supply chain operations and finance processes to boosting efficiency from production to sales.


We're partnering with Board to bring you this critical webinar focused on manufacturing and the driving factors around S&OP and profitability. In Profitable Manufacturing Unveiled: Crafting a Winning S&OP Strategy, you'll be guided by global supply chain leaders to discover how to:

  • ditch outdated demand planning and embrace innovative S&OP strategies
  • align production with real market demand to minimize waste and maximize efficiency
  • unlock hidden profits with data-driven financial insights

Learn from the best and transform your manufacturing operation into a profit powerhouse.

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