CGI’s AI experts take a ‘speed to trusted action’ approach that aligns and operationalizes responsible AI for a sustainable competitive advantage across a growing array of use cases that include:

  • Operational efficiency and cost optimization; enhanced risk management, fraud detection and compliance.
  • Personalizing customer experiences to grow revenue and enhance customer loyalty.
  • AI platform modernization to remain future-proof.
  • Responsible use of IA – ensuring ethical, unbiased data use to maintain customer trust.

Cutting through the AI hype in Canada | Financial services

Cutting through the AI hype in Canada is a series dedicated to exploring how artificial intelligence is transforming key business sectors in Canada. Our first part in this series takes a closer look at the future of finance, driven by AI. Our technology experts Andrew Donaher, Franck Descubes, and Chris Juryn offer actionable insights to help you navigate a rapidly evolving digital landscape.

Thanks to long-standing partnerships with top vendors and solution providers such as Microsoft, Google, AWS, Salesforce, and SAS, CGI’s data analytics and AI teams are fully equipped to help you deploy and manage the most reliable technologies. 

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Forward-looking organizations are wisely building skilled teams and capabilities to deliver ongoing progress on the AI front based on existing proof of concepts. CGI’s strategic, four-stage roadmap to effective AI adoption is making a difference for clients on the AI journey: 

  • Strategize: CGI’s AI experts conduct strategic alignment workshops to understand your initial objectives for AI. We conduct a competitive scan on AI use and investments to date, then explore existing product lines to identify potential AI and ML use cases.  

  • Prioritize: ML use cases are evaluated and scored against a well-defined framework. Collaborative and iterative sessions are held with technology leads and product or business owners on evaluation results.  

  • Build: Our experts rapidly prototype shortlisted ML use cases by building a low-cost AI model on a subset of actual company data. We quickly deliver a basic computing infrastructure and environment for the AI model’s operation, and identify any correlations in data, gaps or dependencies. 

  • Mobilize: A solid mobilization plan to scale feasible ML use cases is provided using CGI’s proven expertise and best practices. We then connect with leadership, business owners and technical owners to discuss proof-of-value results and ensure alignment with the client roadmap.