As part of your digital transformation journey, you want employees to use digital skills to perform their roles to the best of their abilities, giving customers an outstanding experience.

The first step on this path is automation. Before you invest in anything else, you have to identify which processes can save you both time and money by developing your virtual workforce.

Workforce automation will be one of the biggest technology disruptors over the next decade. Using the right technology, you could automate more than half of your processes — giving you a competitive advantage by allowing your employees to work more productively.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) gives you the ability to get the most from your digital employee experience. It reduces costs, improves accuracy, maintains compliance, increases cyber security, and boosts employee and customer satisfaction — all while giving you access to a round-the-clock, instantly scalable, virtual workforce.

With RPA taking care of the tasks that don’t require human intervention, your people are free to focus on work that offers greater value to your organisation, meaning you can enjoy improved flexibility, reduced costs, greater productivity and higher profits.

Our Automation-as-a-Service gives you a robust, proven framework to take advantage of RPA. Taking care of everything for you, we deliver a full, end-to-end range of automation services — from building the business case to running your new virtual workforce.



With a consultancy-led approach, we carry out an automation-readiness check to identify the business functions that could work more productively — creating a plan of action that includes any quick wins you could make.


We deliver an automation plan, working with you to identify the right vendors, engage stakeholders and optimise relevant processes — all while supporting you through the change.


We make sure you get the most from the automated processes, monitoring stakeholder feedback and performance data — then carrying out any fine-tuning that needs to take place.


We provide the right automation technologies for each business, making sure you get the most out of them in the future by pursuing opportunities for continuous improvement.


  • We use a holistic approach to process automation that takes you beyond solutions for isolated issues and maximises the overall benefit to your organisation.

  • We have worked with a range of major organisations to improve flexibility and reduce costs by automating their back-office processes.

  • We have worked with many shared service centres to speed up their performance and increase customer satisfaction by automating common tasks like account creation, progress reporting, password resetting and identity validation.

  • We have 40 years of automation knowledge, as well as expertise in the energy, utilities and telecommunications sectors. This means we have the ability to develop your digital transformation roadmap, and deliver the outcomes you need.