In a sea of constant change, organizations are looking for new ways to add value to the lives of their customers or citizens and increase shareholder value. However, adding value is easier said than done. Today, 60% of executives interviewed as part of the CGI Client Global Insights said they have a digital transformation strategy at the enterprise level, but only 15% reported reaching a stage where they are highly agile in response to change. In addition, on average, only 12% have a return on investment from their digital transformation initiatives. As a result, organizations are under pressure to rethink how to get things done and how to design an organization that generates ideas and value fast. True organizational agility and innovation is what is required to succeed in this market, and most importantly to achieve your end goal: to better serve your customers and deliver value to your shareholders. All of this begins with asking the right questions.

As new technologies emerge and evolve every day, which ones are relevant to your organization? How can you get maximum value from them? How does your organization move past the prototype and scale your ideas to achieve fast and lasting results?

Our expert and a guest speaker from one of the world’s largest Aviation companies will provide insights on agility and innovation at scale, you will:

  • Have the opportunity to play a game of Darwin’s Evolutionary Sprint to stimulate out of the box thinking;
  • Hear how leading agile organizations are using technology as a strategic enabler;
  • Learn how they recognized that agility combined with technology is able to generate new opportunities for enhancing their capabilities, products and services to deliver more value, faster.