We find ourselves in a new era of digital disruption, where barriers to entry effectively have vanished.

  • The 1st wave of disruption in the late 1990s and early 2000s encompassed the dot.com boom followed by the advent of the smartphone and social networks—utterly disrupting the channel landscape and eroding barriers to entry.
  • The 2nd wave of big(ger) data and analytics featured digital innovators using big data to micro target and personalise their value propositions and cherry pick incumbents’ most-prised customers, eroding another barrier to entry—customer knowledge
  • The current 3rd wave is happening in the operations, production and back-office sides of the enterprise. Advances in artificial intelligence, intelligent automation, robotic process automation, the Internet of Things and autonomous 3D printing are breaking down the last vestige of competitive advantage of incumbents.

Going forward, what will make organisations thrive in a digital world is the ability to operate in a lean and agile manner and to continuously unlock innovation from within, at pace and scale.

This brochure presents real-world innovation success stories from around the globe, along with a brief story of how CGI helps clients become more agile and innovation-focused in this upended, digital world.