About the CGI photo book

At CGI, employees are called members because a vast majority are company owners. As owners, each member feels a personal responsibility to ensure the success of our three stakeholders: our clients, members and shareholders. When you gather a group of people with this type of commitment, you often find that they share a common passion for many creative outlets. At CGI, this has translated into a large, global community of talented photographers.

To commemorate our 40th anniversary, we endeavored to create a CGI photo book that captures and shares this talent and portrays the spirit of the local communities in which we live and work. From the landscape and skylines we see, to the people and passions that make up our experiences and cultures, this photo book is our opportunity to showcase the diversity and richness of CGI.

Commemorative photo book

“CGI through the lens of our members” shares the CGI story in and outside of the office.

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