SP Energy Networks has partnered with CGI to assist in delivery of its Smart Data Integration Fabric (SDIF) projecta key enabler not only for its transition to Distribution System Operator, but crucially to help it support its communities and customers on the journey to net zero.

As the decarbonization of the UK rapidly gains pace, the demands on distribution network operators such as SP Energy Networks are increasing and evolving. The ability to deliver a reliable and agile network that can support a wide array of new energy and storage technologies along with increasingly distributed electricity generation will be key to meeting these demands. These requirements are driving a need for enhanced network monitoring, which in turn means a huge increase in the volumes of data being created and therefore integrated and shared effectively.

The strategic platform to be built by CGI, incorporating its innovative Integrated Network Model solution, will help SP Energy Networks to address these challenges as part of its digitalization strategy. At its heart, the solution will provide a trusted, multi-purpose and reusable digital master model of the networkcombining and correlating existing geospatial, connectivity, asset and telemetry data to create a platform on which SP Energy Networks can build its digital future. The platform will incorporate sophisticated event management capability, to allow the automation of business rules and decision making, as well as the ability to deliver a set of initial use cases to improve fault restoration times and use smart meter data more efficiently.

To find out more, contact our experts: Paul Buxton and Rich Hampshire and read the SP Energy Networks Press Release.

The Integrated Network Model is at the heart of the CGI OpenGrid360 solution suite which helps utilities transition to a sustainable future grid by unlocking data insight and accelerating innovation. CGI teams developed CGI OpenGrid360 based on expertise acquired from work on smart grid innovation programs, such as solving data challenges with SP Energy Networks and Western Power Distribution.