Companies continue to struggle with growing data complexity, multiple currencies, legal entities, intercompany eliminations, and rapidly changing business and legal requirements. Based on years of comprehensive knowledge and experience in medium- and large scaled consolidation and finance solutions, CGI Consolidation is designed to speed up and automate your month-end closing.

As a part of our CGI CFO Suite with various finance modules, you can centrally consolidate financial data across your business to ensure insight with real-time KPIs and confident financial reporting to support decision-making. By enhancing business insights and minimizing risks, you can become a trusted strategic partner to your business.

Key Benefits

Fast, flexible and agile

Fast calculations and integrations combined with a high degree of flexibility and agility to ensure alignment and fit to your organizational structure


Manage and control your consolidation process through workflow with tasks and commenting to align expectations and improve collaboration.


Highly automated and scalable consolidation rules and data integration processes to minimize manual tasks and processes

Audit and Monitoring

Transparency through centrally administered audit-trail and performance monitoring capabilities and processes.


Easy-to-use Interface

A simple and user-friendly interface that embraces the benefits of Excel with fast and agile reporting self-service capabilities.

Business Driven

Designed to fit the needs and requirements of business users with included ongoing solution support to ensure minimum involvement from IT

Short Time to Value

Saas cloud solution with fast user adaption and only 6 to 8 weeks of customization ensures short time to value realization.

Improved Insights

Build-in and ad-hoc reporting facilitates analytical capabilities to support decision making and strategic business partnering.


Consolidation as a Service Cloud Solution



Losing time gathering and reconciling data diminishes your potential to benefit and sustain the business processes in your organization. Automate your consolidation and month-end closing processes, from data import, adjustments and currency conversion to financial reporting and real-time ad-hoc financial analysis – all within one single software-as-a-service cloud solution based on IFRS and GAAP standards– CGI Consolidation.



Figure 1: Easy-to-use menu bar, drop down selections with comprehensive and dynamic dashboards

Be confident in your financial reporting and provide dashboards to support important decision making and improve collaboration through workflow control and monitoring of the consolidation process



Assign tasks to entities to facilitate every step of the month-end closing process. Have users perform and submit tasks with comments ready for review to ensure collaboration and knowledge sharing through the whole process. Embrace the benefits of Excel with an integrated add-in and Excel-like web interface for mobile, tablet, and desktop to significantly reduce your month-end closing cycle by instantly consolidate, validate and report using fast in-memory technology.


Figure 2: Manage and control tasks while monitoring the process, progress and deadlines


Microsoft Azure ensures your data security in combination with solution security certifications (e.g. DIN ISO 9001 and DIN ISO 27001). Built-in user and user group access and data restrictions are easily managed and maintained from a single point of view and with extensive use of Jedox functionality.

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What Is Included? 

Business Logic

  • Currency conversion
  • Ownership calculation
  • Intercompany elimination
  • Investment/Equity adjustments
  • Minority/Non-controlling interests
  • Multi-level consolidation
  • KPIs and ratio
  • Accounting validations



Data Integration

  • Exchange rates import from ECB
  • ERP finance module integration
  • File uploads

Deploy and Operate

  • Implementation and configuration
  • Training
  • Support


Reports and Input Forms

  • Financial statements

  • Management reports

  • KPI and workflow dashboards
  • P&L and balance adjustments
  • Intercompany specification and matching
  • Non-financial input and reporting
  • Checks, validations and other





  • Saas cloud solution
  • Small, medium and large enterprise sizes
  • Journal entry
  • Workflow and process management
  • Process controlled data locking
  • Audit-trails and monitoring