As a VAR partner CGI has Business Intelligence as a key area, and knows that customers demands Business Intelligence solutions based on ETL and data warehousing.

With the endless possibilities to visualize data in tools such as Power BI, Tableau and Qlik, you want to tweak data in different directions. You want to access more data sources too, maybe with the help of IT but mostly without having to wait for them or the assistance of external consultants.

When different users access data sources in different ways, you see data quality issues emerge, resulting in conflicting reports. You and your colleagues end up with silos of extractions and transformations. 

Discovery Hub® is a comprehensive end-to-end solution that lets you easily merge data from a wide variety of data sources into a single version of the truth. It also allows automation to model data so that line of business users can easily understand the data.

At the same time, data is properly defined so that all users of reports and analytics speak the same language. For example, if revenue is defined to include tax, then this definition will be used throughout the organization, without misunderstanding.

By combining this platform with your choice of visualization tools, you have the full power of business intelligence (BI). By using Discovery Hub® as the solid foundation for your analytics setup, you create a scalable, structured, governed and secure environment that lies within a compliant, self-service analytics framework, allowing you to practice near real-time analysis on large sets of data.

Using Discovery Hub®, business users, BI and IT developers can collaborate on an agile, fully integrated information platform that supports iterative workflows to quickly create reports and dashboards. This lets business leaders make quality business decisions without impacting the core systems of the business.