Founded 300 years ago, Twinings received its first Royal Warrant from Queen Victoria in 1837 and has supplied teas to every successive British monarch since.

Today, Twinings manufactures 8 billion teabags every year and since 2016, CGI has helped the company adapt to changing market trends to ensure the continued enjoyment of one of the UK’s most beloved beverages.

The company produces over 500 different tea varieties from three locations in Europe and the Far East, with product lines constantly evolving to keep up with changing tastes for fruity infusions or chai lattes.

To stay ahead, a complex IT infrastructure needs to adapt to keep track of the many tonnes of raw materials that pass through the doors of Twinings’ factories every week and ensure that every stage of operations continues to run efficiently.

Maintaining over 31 different production systems for Twinings, CGI keeps production lines moving and ensures products continue to reach their final destinations.

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