The role of predictive maintenance is rapidly growing as more manufacturing businesses implement artificial intelligence to tap into vast data volumes in real time and predict when equipment is likely to fail. With its revolutionary ability to identify potential problems before they can disrupt critical workflows, AI allows maintenance to be scheduled in advance – improving overall reliability and efficiency and minimizing costly downtime.

A major Canadian utility faced significant reliability challenges among thousands of sensors and transmitters that deliver water-level readings and critical data-based insights into equipment and operations. Aging sensors often malfunctioned and plant operators typically needed several days or weeks to manually identify and address equipment issues – while also facing the immediate risk of a wastewater spill and harmful environmental impacts. The need to modernize capabilities, enhance decision-making and minimize risk was clear.

AI enhances reliability and safety
The plant’s engineers set out to enhance the monitoring of transmitters and visibility into any operational issues requiring immediate attention. They turned to CGI’s AI experts to help them transform their maintenance capabilities. Implementing a predictive AI algorithm to detect early warning signs of equipment failure and the need to disable or replace sensors was seen as the right solution for this challenge.

The first stage of our engagement involved CGI’s team working with the plant’s engineers to explore and understand operational data, define requirements and validate a solution. We delivered a proof of concept within two months that precisely defined the AI model needed. The second stage of this initiative saw us develop an autonomous prototype to test and assess the AI solution in real time under real conditions. The AI model we developed can detect anomalies and potential problems that are instantly displayed on a map that enables a rapid response by engineers. The intuitive AI program is easily configurable to enable enhancements as needed to keep the plant operating reliably and safely around the clock.  


Key features & benefits

  • Immediate detection and analysis of issues as AI identifies and responds to anomalies
  • Precise and informed decision-making based on real-time detection of potential failures
  • Enhanced efficiency and cost management as costly downtime is minimized
  • Improved public safety as the risk of harmful wastewater spills is minimized


CGI’s customized AI solution offers an unprecedented level of operational efficiency and public safety thanks to data-driven decision making. Our experience in the marketplace today tells us that as AI rapidly emerges in the area of predictive maintenance, there remains much ground to cover in the race to transform capabilities and remain competitive. Our advice to manufacturers? Begin the journey without delay by focusing on the small initial steps that they can pursue using the vast capabilities of AI.

CGI’s AI specialists can help businesses of every size as they address the need to innovate. We integrate specialized AI models with software engineering best practices and standards, including data privacy and security compliance, to make every client’s business future ready. CGI takes a scientific approach to evaluating AI, with a design focus to accelerate time to insights while maintaining human decision-making for responsible AI use.