Unlock the future of wealth management with our WealthChat Live webinar series!

Dive into "Future of Wealth Management: Trends and Innovations" with our experts Bryan and Lubna. In this session, they explored the latest in wealth management trends, including:

  • Active data utilization
  • Hyper-personalization strategies
  • The rise of generative AI

Watch the replay to stay ahead in a rapidly evolving landscape. 


Bryan Sachdeva

Bryan is an innovative wealth management technology leader with a track record of success in bringing IP solutions to market and managing the delivery of transformational programs. Bryan continues to lead CGI’s global Wealth360 Digital Wealth Platform product evolution and market expansion across Canada, USA, UK & EU.

Lubna Bibi

Lubna is a seasoned professional with over a decade of combined experience in Wealth Management and Consulting. She currently spearheads research initiatives in consulting services, Lubna navigates diverse projects with expertise, ranging from product-focused ventures to consulting endeavors. Lubna amplifies her impact through hosting CGI’s WealthChat podcast, where financial services meet thought leadership, keeping pace with evolving trends and landscapes.