The financial services and wealth industry is rapidly evolving. This is why it has become increasingly important to stay in-tune with current trends. Introducing Global Wealth and Capital Markets first-ever podcast series, WealthChat. Join Lubna Bibi (Global Wealth’s Research Lead), as she interviews and dives deeper with industry leaders on current wealth insights and trends globally.

Episode 1 – Drew Brown

In this episode, Lubna speak with Drew Brown - CGI's Global Wealth VP of Consulting Services. They discuss the upcoming VOA initiative, the origins of VOA, and insights gained from the survey. They also talk about the MMI conference, platformization, advisor adoption, and the social megatrends influencing FinTech.

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Episode 2 - Bryan Sachdeva

In this episode, Lubna speaks with Bryan Sachdeva, VP of CGI's Wealth360 Digital Wealth Platform. They discuss trends in advisor technology solutions, Platformization, innovations being pursued for CGI's Digital Wealth Platform, and how AI and machine learning can help firms achieve hyper-personalization.
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Episode 3 – Kelly Walsh

In this episode, Lubna speaks with Kelly Walsh, Director Consulting Expert within Global Wealth. They discuss some of the interesting trends Kelly observed during the COVID-19 pandemic, innovations in advisor technologies and growth in philanthropy.

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Episode 4 - Marcel Schroder

In this episode, Lubna speaks with Marcel Schroder, Director Consulting Services within Global Wealth. They discuss trends in the industry, digital adoption, what it takes to be innovative and more importantly how to retain innovation.
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Episode 5 - Alain Egre and Gilly Green

In the latest episode of our WealthChat podcast series, two UK-based wealth experts discuss the importance of assessing and understanding the trends amongst a given market.
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Episode 6 - Nidhi Laroiya

In this episode, Lubna speaks with Nidhi Laroiya. Nidhi is a Director for consulting Services within Global Wealth and Capital Markets. Nidhi spoke about Human Centric Design (HCD) and a variety of subtopics such as: the value HCD provides, how firms and advisors can incorporate HCD into their businesses, and how HCD can accelerate innovation.
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Episode 7 - Voice of the Advisor - Part 1

In Part 1 of our special Voice of the Advisor (VOA) series, Lubna speaks with Kelly Walsh, Drew Brown and Marcel Schroder, all senior members of our Consulting Services group within Global Wealth & Capital Markets . They discuss survey results with a focus on what advisors want from their firms in terms of technology and support. They also speak about the main differences in male and female advisory practices, digital enablement, and financial wellness.
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Episode 8 - Voice of the Advisor - Part 2

In part 2 of our Voice of the Advisor series, Lubna speaks with Bryan Waldeva and Maulik Vora, both senior members of our Product group within Global Wealth & Capital Markets. They discuss the actions firms need to take in order to meet current and future advisor needs. They also highlight some of the obstacles companies face when introducing new technologies and how they can be overcome.
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Episode 9 - Voice of the Advisor - Part 3

In our concluding Voice of the Advisor (VOA) series episode, Lubna speaks with Tom Hayko, Jay Thakore, and Aimee Mendez. Tom & Jay are senior members of our Global Wealth & Capital Markets group. They discuss the action firms need to take to implement the solutions that would meet the needs of the current and future advisor and client. They also speak about data security, personalization, and the partnership ecosystem.
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Episode 11 - Mathieu Lajante

In this episode, Lubna speaks with Dr. Mathieu Lajante, a professor from Toronto Metropolitan University. He is an expert in customers' emotions and psychophysiology applied to marketing research. They discuss trends affecting consumer behaviours, how neuroscience informs consumer behaviours, the role emotions play on our purchase decisions and everyday life, and how digitization is changing the way we perceive our world and our daily standards.
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Episode 12 - ESG: Problems & Solutions

In this episode, Lubna speaks with Bob Willard from Sustainability Advantage, Eric Wetlaufer from TwinRiver Capital, and Dirk Matten from Schulich Business School. They discuss the issues surrounding ESG and how they can be resolved. It's a comprehensive discussion that addresses issues such as regulatory frameworks, greenwashing, ESG scoring, technology, government involvement, and the goals of developed and developing nations. Are governments responding appropriately? What part do businesses play and how can impactful changes be made?
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Episode 13  – 2022 Year-In-Review with Jamie Holland

In this special Year-In-Review episode, Lubna speaks with Jamie Holland, Senior Vice-President of Canada Industry Solutions at CGI. They discuss the current states of the Wealth Management and Insurance industries, and the trends that have led to the events that occurred in 2022 along with their future impacts. Jamie was able to provide a unique lens when speaking about prevalent topics such as platformization, data, AI/ML, blockchain, regtech, and financial planning. How will the wealth industry continue to evolve? What does the future hold for the insurance industry?
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Episode 14  – Transformation of Operations

In this episode Lubna speaks with Len Brooks & Taje Mohabir, both senior leaders at CGI. They speak about Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) & Intellectual Property (IP), and CGI's capabilities in these areas. They also discuss automation, streamlining processes, modernization, smart bots/chats, and the potential of ChatGPT. Is it possible to modernize existing technology while mitigating risk? What does the future back office look like?
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Episode 15  – Open Banking: Canada's Journey

In this episode Lubna speaks with Roy Kao & David Hooper, both senior leaders at CGI. They speak about Open Banking (OB) and the progress that's been made in the Canadian Market. They also discuss how OB was implemented in other geographies, data protection and consumer rights, as well as how the market can become more competitive with OB. What is the hybrid model approach being taken by Canada? What lessons can we learn from the UK & Australia? How will consumers ultimately benefit?
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Bryan Sachdeva

Bryan is an innovative wealth management technology leader with a track record of success in bringing IP solutions to market and managing the delivery of transformational programs. Bryan continues to lead CGI’s global Wealth360 Digital Wealth Platform product evolution and market expansion across Canada, USA, UK & EU.

Drew Brown

An accomplished and award-winning Wealth profession with 25 years of experience and an extensive set of expertise across the Financial Services Industry. A proven track record of defining strategy and driving complex strategic initiatives, enabling and enhancing the end-to-end client sales and engagement model.

Kelly Walsh

A results-driven wealth management leader who brings a wide range of knowledge and experience to organizations. Over 25 years of experience in roles from business development to consultant to coach have led to a strong understanding of the needs and challenges facing firms, financial advisors and their clients.

Marcel Schroder

Marcel is a Global Financial Services executive with expertise in connecting Fintech and Wealth Management and broad experience building profitable start-up businesses, restructuring under performing divisions, building divisional operating models and streamlining operations.

John Tirpak - Director, Consulting Services

John is responsible for new business development as part of CGI US as it relates to helping Financial Institutions find solutions to complex Wealth Management technology problems through deep consultative engagements.

Kenneth Bachulis - Director, Consulting Services

An experienced wealth technology executive, specializing in Advisory and Asset Management. Areas of focus include portfolio management, trade creation & execution, goals based planning, performance measurement and operational efficiency. Ken has a proven track record of working with clients on new product launches across the spectrum of advisory service including Unified Management Accounts, Separately Managed Accounts and various Rep Directed products.

Nidhi Laroiya - Director, Consulting Services

Nidhi is a Director for consulting Services within Global Wealth and Capital Markets.

Maulik Vora - Director, Product strategy

Maulik is a fintech product leader who enjoys building technology solutions for wealth managers. Maulik has defined and led advisor and client experience strategies to enable digital transformation at global private banks

Aimee Mendez - Director, User-Centered Design

Aimee is a pragmatic product experience strategist with 20 years of leadership and hands-on design experience in translating business needs into simple, meaningful, and intuitive customer-focused design solutions.

Jay Thakore - VP Consulting Services

Jay is a solution-driven IT executive with over 17 years of industry experience and comprehensive experience in digital transformation and delivery, system integration and IT transformation.

Tom Hayko - Director, Consulting Services

Tom has a 31-year background in the development of enterprise application for a range of clients in industries ranging from telecommunications, public sector, insurance, banking and wealth management. Tom enjoys finding solutions and bring new technology to bear to help solve problems that clients encounter.

Mathieu Lajante - Professor of Marketing, Ted Rogers School of Management

Mathieu Lajante is an expert in customers' emotions and psychophysiology applied to marketing research. He studied the concepts of aesthetic and utilitarian emotion for social and commercial marketing communication effectiveness. He is now carrying out a research program called "The firm's empathic capacity" to study firm-customer emotional connectedness throughout the technology-infused customer journey.

Jamie Holland

Senior Vice-President, Canada Industry Solutions

Jamie Holland has overall responsibility for leading Canada’s Industry Solutions business unit focused on delivering and growing our intellectual property(IP) suite in Canada and across the globe. Jamie has accountability for multiple IP solutions used by leading financial services firms.

David Hooper

VP, Open Banking & Payments Consulting

David is an accomplished Banking and Payments executive with in-depth knowledge acquired within the Canadian and Global banking landscape. He is a subject matter expert on open banking / open finance, real-time payments, and innovative overlay. He also leads CGI’s Canadian Open Banking and Payments Practice with a focus on helping clients take their existing strategies and create pragmatic, executable roadmaps to modernize and digitally transform their business.

Roy Kao

Practice Lead, Open Finance & Innovations

Kao is a recognized executive and advisor in Canadian financial services innovation, transformation, and development. Roy helps CGI clients advancing strategic business and services innovations for banking, wealth management, capital markets, and insurance clients addressing opportunities and challenges. He also currently serves as a member of the Advisory Board for Open Banking Expo and is a Board Member at Open Finance Network Canada (OFNC).