As information technology and robotics continue to advance, digital technologies are increasingly becoming integral to business operations. PLM software seamlessly integrates people, data, processes, and enterprise systems, providing essential product insights throughout the entire lifecycle, from initial conception to the final product and ongoing support

Accelerated time-to-market

PLM software streamlines product-related activities, expediting your time to market while optimizing operational efficiency

Optimize product lifecycle

Leverage CGI's PLM expertise to enhance every stage of your product lifecycle, including design, development, launch, marketing, and ongoing support.

Essential data

Obtain a competitive edge by quick access to product information, processes, business systems, and human/time resources


Empowering manufacturing excellence: Selecting the perfect fit with CGI's expertise

You can count on CGI's Center of Excellence to serve as a reliable partner, guiding you in analyzing, selecting, and seamlessly integrating the ideal PLM solution into your manufacturing suite. This partnership empowers you to expedite the launch of innovative products to market. At CGI, we're dedicated to helping you establish well-defined objectives that gauge productivity.

Our expertise lies in streamlining production workflows, ultimately minimizing time-to-market delays through centralized data management, ensuring convenient access to pertinent information. Our extensive team comprises 6,000 proficient manufacturing consultants and 2,800 supply chain experts. They are strategically spread across 4 manufacturing innovation centers, reinforcing our commitment to driving excellence in manufacturing.

Ensuring product compliance: A holistic approach from design to customer satisfaction

Maintaining product compliance is vital from design to production and beyond. However, once the product reaches the customer, it is equally vital to oversee customer feedback and monitor quality issues closely.

Through this journey, PLM software assists organizations in preserving comprehensive historical data about changes in product versions, ensuring the integrity of audit trails.

Akeneo Product Information Management (PIM)
Utility professionals - Achieving lower-emission energy production development in Finland with the help of artificial intelligence

Identifying non-value-added activities

PLM facilitates the sharing of crucial information across product lines, offering an effective means to eliminate non-value-added tasks such as data searching and recreation. This proactive approach not only prevents quality issues and failures but also leads to significant time savings.

Moreover, unifying all stakeholders around a central source of truth fosters enhanced collaboration, expedites issue resolution, and mitigates time wastage stemming from outdated data. Let's champion efficiency!

From skills shortage to optimization and resilience of your supply chain, environmental regulations, or cost reduction, CGI can support your business, from strategy development through to implementation, execution, and continuous learning.

No matter the size of your business, we have the right expertise for you.
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