FAQ on new grads program

1. What are the stages of the interview process?

New Grad recruitment at CGI typically occurs in three stages.

  • 1st Round: 15 minute interview with a member of the Campus Recruitment Team focused on preliminary prescreen and behavioural questions
  • 2nd Round: New Grad Assessment Day which is a group case study interview process
  • 3rd Round: Final interview with the hiring team - technical in nature for technical positions, and about your previous work experience as well as industry knowledge for business roles
2. When will I hear back about my status from the first round interview?

We will get back to you within a few days of your interview to let you know whether you are proceeding forward.

3. When will I hear back about my status in the interview process after Assessment Day?

We anticipate having results from Assessment Day within a week of the event, however this can vary due to hiring volumes.

4. How does assessment day work? How will I be assessed on Assessment Day?

During assessment day, you will be put in a group with peers that are also interviewing for positions at CGI, and given two business cases. You will meet your teammates, and come up with a solution to the business cases. You will then present your solution to a panel of interviewers and debrief with the panel after each case presentation.

Note: There is no technical assessment during Assessment Day however you may participate in a technical case study.
For more information on New Grad Assessment Day, please see this video.

5. What is the culture like at CGI?

At CGI, we pride ourselves on having a strong culture of teamwork, collaboration and success. We promote a culture of innovation and initiative where we are empowered with a sense of ownership in supporting clients, thus ensuring profitable growth.

Through teamwork, sharing our know-how and expertise across our global operations, we bring the best of CGI to our clients. As members, we share in the value we create through equity ownership and profit participation. 

For more on culture and value, please follow this link.

6. What kind of projects would we get to work on?

The projects will be dependent on the department you are working in at the time. However, at CGI our New Grads are treated no differently than our full-time employees, and have the opportunity to work on meaningful and impactful projects for our business, and our clients.

7. What is the difference between the tech academy and non-academy roles?

The academy roles will go through a 5-18 week full-time immersive bootcamp style training with a mix of classroom learning, individual and group projects. The non-academy roles work on client projects immediately. With both the academy and non-academy roles, we understand that training and development is crucial, non-academy new grads will have access to professional development workshops and other trainings that are a part of the New Grad experience at CGI.

8. What happens after you graduate from the New Grad Program?

After graduating from the New Grad Program you are guaranteed a position within the same team and role you are in. As a new grad, you have the opportunity to take part in professional development workshops, and work with individuals in different areas of the business to grow your network.

We recommend being connected and engaged with your Manager throughout this time and bringing up opportunities you would like to be involved in as well as projects you would like to be involved in to gain various experiences throughout your time in the New Grad Program.

9. What do new grads say about their experience?

For information about the New Grad experience, please take a look at the testimonials here:

Mayooran Thavajogarasa - CGI New Grad - YouTube

Queenie Zeng - CGI New Grad - YouTube

Esender Dubashev - CGI New Grad - YouTube

10. What are the benefits of being a New Grad at CGI?
  • Signing bonus - Matching incentive plan that can be invested in different areas (TFSA, Non-Registered, or RRSP)
  • Bonus based on company and individual performance
  • Flexible benefit credits which you can place depending upon what suits your lifestyle and needs
  • Access to mental health, wellness, ergonomic and other resources through our Oxygen Portal
  • E-learning courses offered in many different areas such as Cloud, Data Engineering, Development, Project Management and more; additional certifications offered at no cost
  • Three weeks vacation
  • Investment in your training and development

FAQ on Tech Academies

1. What does the Tech Academy curriculum look like? What topics/technologies will be covered?

CGI offers a variety of Tech Academy specializations, including .Net, Java Full Stack, Cyber Security and more. Depending on the specialization, you would be learning a variety of topics, from Object Oriented Programming, Spring Boot and Building Web Pages to building RESTful APIs, Cloud and Deployment.

2. Do all CGI New Grads go through the same academy?

All new grads have the opportunity to participate in learning activities relevant to the roles they are in. If participation in a Tech Academy is mandatory for a role, it will be specified in the job description.

3. What does the schedule look like? Will this be a full-time learning experience?

Tech Academy is a full-time immersive paid training initiative that runs for 5-18 weeks at the beginning of your New Grad journey. The Academy takes place during work hours, and the schedule might vary depending on the specialization.

4.Is the Academy in-person or virtual?

Tech Academies are designed to accommodate participants joining from various regions and locations. Thus, they are fully remote.

5. What is the class format (pre-recorded, live sessions, hands-on training)?

The training has a format of live sessions with projects and assignments to ensure hands-on experience with learned material.

6. Is there a Capstone project at the end?

Typically, at the end of the Tech Academy, participants are tasked to complete a Capstone Project to gain hands-on experience with learned concepts and principles, as well as apply and demonstrate the competency gained.

7. Will I work on the team and participate in the Tech Academy at the same time?

All new grads enrolled in a Tech Academy will focus on their designated training during this period, they will not participate in any other tasks or projects until they ‘graduate’.

8. Will I receive any certifications upon completing the Tech Academy?

Upon successful completion of the Tech Academy, new grads receive a Certificate of Completion from CGI. Completing some of the Tech Academies will provide the knowledge to successfully complete the certification exams for CompTIA Security+, Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) and others.

9. Are there any tests/evaluations associated with participating in the Tech Academy?

Tech Academies involve evaluation, scores for which are comprised of program attendance, assignment completion and summative assessment.