Energy Industry

Helping energy companies leverage technology advancements to improve and secure access to data.

We assist energy and utility sectors securing their databases in the cloud or on their premises.
We provide proactive monitoring and 24*7 expert support aimed at managing, optimizing and administering their databases. Based on client preferences, we utilize both remote and/or local expertise.

Health Industry

Keeping sensitive information accessible, available and secure in the HealthCare sector

We ensure the availability, performance and security of databases containing medical information. We ensure databases are upgraded and patched to the latest versions including Oracle, SQL Server, PostgreSQL and MySQL. We ensure database systems are highly available around the clock by health professionals.

Financial Industry

Safeguarding databases to protect financial information

Making critical financial systems accessible together with safe guarding systems to protect personal financial information for our clients.
We work around the clock to ensure systems are reachable and accessible by our clients, markets and financial systems.

Your needs vary, so we provide the ability to pick and choose  offerings complementing your on-prem and/or cloud-based Oracle and/or Microsoft Azure Database platforms. Depending on the service required, we offer both Managed and Consulting (Project) services. Each offering is tailored to a meet a specific need.

We provide high value and maximum impact to complement your Database ecosystem. These services are part of our Managed Database Life Cycle approach, that align to business requirements.

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database services

Manage costs

Helping our clients optimize the full value of their Database infrastructure investment and the people supporting them.

Service Desk and Monitoring

  • Exclusive DB Service Desk & access to subject matter experts that complement your team with 5x8 or 7x24 coverage.
  • We provide automated proactive monitoring of your database’s health through alerting, issue identification, notification and escalation. We help ensure always-on monitoring of your company’s vital data.
  • We keep costs in check by optimizing people, process and technology.

Optimize experience

Ensuring the business flourishes by enabling end-users to access data quickly and predictably.

Upgrades and Performance Tuning

  • We provide vendor database upgrades and patching services to ensure vendor compliance and maximum feature benefit, security and supportability.
  • See how we can provide deep insight into DB performance bottlenecks or configuration enhancement opportunities resulting in actionable remediation and tuning recommendations to ensure optimal performance for your end-users.

Mitigate risks

Making sure your Database assets are accessible and secure, whether on-prem or in the cloud.

Health Check and Security

  • We assess your environment and provide a current state report on Database health Identifying enhancement & remediation opportunities that establishes a benchmark over time.
  • We ensure availability and security of your DB assets though DB security assessments performed by our Cybersecurity team. This allows the identification of database threats, vulnerabilities, and exposures resulting in risk-based mitigation recommendations