The company aimed to analyze its IT expenditures to improve asset management and identify cost optimization levers. They worked with our business consulting team to help put into motion spend analytics, cost optimization, vendor management and service delivery improvements across their Canadian and US holdings.


Built through the successive acquisitions of telecom providers that each used different technologies, configurations, and processes, the company was looking to enrich their visibility over their IT landscape.

The goal was to identify where their IT assets were being directed across the different divisions in the company and optimize spendings to enable more innovation and cost-efficiency.

The company partnered with CGI to conduct a comprehensive inventory of key IT assets and to develop an analytical, multidimensional perspective of their IT expenditures. We leveraged our industry expertise to offer benchmark analysis for IT spend metrics against current industry spending standards.



Working with the Business Consulting experts at CGI has given us tools that are helping us in the optimization of costs while improving the quality of the services we deliver paving the way for the future.

IT Vice-President of a North American telecommunications company


How we helped

Working with data stewards from across the company, CGI experts in business consulting and the client’s teams worked to bring together all relevant data elements. This enabled the creation of a taxonomy that would enable more information to be accessible, providing an environment that would help drive informed decisions.

The team created a multidimensional spend cube that became the basis for a rigorous analytical framework.  The comprehensive inventory allows for an analytical and multidimensional view of expenses. It includes a master repository of IT expenditure data, a series of automated dashboards that can be configured to analyze a range of comparative variables, and a system to update and maintain the database.

Value added –improved visibility and allocation of resources

The framework created advances cost optimization goals while improving vendor management and outsourcing. The IT asset management system will be easy to update. It is a data-driven interpretive tool that can identify cost-saving opportunities and streamline IT asset management processes across the company.

The new data also provided the company with additional visibility on their needs in terms of missing links – and therefore integration – between financials (ERP), asset management, and IT procurement. This is a critical element in driving cost savings and optimizations across the company.

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Value added –improved visibility and allocation of resources

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