Accelerate adoption, increase overall engagement, and improve the benefit each and every employee realizes from a change, increasing the ROI your projects deliver.

Top challenges

In recent years, organizations have been facing a constantly changing environment that has resulted in many transformations in order to evolve business models, working methods, governance, systems, and processes.

In the face of this frenetic rhythm, organizations are confronted with numerous challenges in implementing these transformations:

  • Teams that are not always ready to transform, leading to demotivation and disengagement of employees and managers.
  • Teams working in silos, lack of communication
  • Roles and responsibilities not clearly defined and not necessarily aligned with the corporate culture.

A common denominator to successfully achieve transformation objectives: PEOPLE

How we can help

One of the main reasons projects fail is because the scale and complexity of change is underestimated. CGI partners with leaders to help identify the impact change will have and develop strategies to help your teams navigate the change and mitigate risk and resistance.

Examples of how we help clients adopt the change

  • Organizational change management
  • Evolving organizational culture
  • Change leadership development
  • Agile methodology implementation
  • Transition to a hybrid work model
  • Establishing a cybersecurity culture
  • Change and user experience

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