As technology accelerates with innovations such as AI, big data and cloud computing, costs and environmental impacts are increasing. However, technology provides solutions to help organizations become more sustainable and scale up their impact. Technology leaders have a key role to play and can act by implementing levers to reduce the environmental footprint of IT solutions and services (Green IT) and leveraging these technologies for sustainability purpose (IT For Green).

Top challenges

When organizations lack the skills and knowledge to green their IT operations, reducing their IT environmental footprint poses challenges:

  • ESG is not embedded in digital transformations and organizational culture
  • Limited visibility of the IT environmental footprint
  • IT is not fully leveraged to increase sustainability impact 
  • Lack of robust ESG data


Where we can help 

Green IT approach - Assess, strategize and implement
  • Green IT maturity assessment
  • Green IT for digital transformation
  • Green IT change management 
IT environmental footprint - Reduce the environmental impact of digital technologies
  • IT carbon footprint
  • Eco-design
  • Green coding
IT for green - Leverage end-to-end IT capabilities for sustainability
  • ESG Data & Analytics
  • AI and machine learning
  • Earth observation


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