marc campbell

Marc Campbell

Senior Vice-President, National Capital Region

One of the main pillars of our Canadian DE&I strategy is ‘Taking Action For Representation’ – pursuing diverse growth at all levels of our organization and creating a workplace that reflects the diversity of the communities around us.

Core to this is our commitment to developing a strong DE&I program that attracts, develops and grows our diverse talent into leadership.

To hear how we are bringing our commitment to life, you can read what our members have to say below about our DE&I program, what it means to them, and how they believe it will impact society in wholly positive ways.

Farhad Coovadia

Farhad Coovadia,
Director, Consulting Expert


Hi Farhad, in your opinion why is CGI’s commitment to DE&I so important?As a nation and a society we have had an awakening over the past 18 months. Many Canadians are having to confront the reality that systemic racism and social injustice exists, and that we are falling short of the ideals of providing equitable access to employment and leadership roles.

I believe that the majority of Canadians are uncomfortable with this reality, open-minded and wanting to see substantive change. We have a unique opportunity to harness this passion and desire for change with DE&I specific programs.

For me, diversity is about giving the unheard and unseen a voice, really recognizing and seeing them. Ultimately, this should be a seat at the leadership table

How have you seen CGI supporting DE&I generally?

Firstly, just the fact that CGI leadership is willing to put us, as a publicly traded entity, out there and committing to DE&I, is a significant signal to me and my colleagues that CGI is serious about its diversity targets. It’s real.

I was invited to participate in this article, something I do not take lightly, and there were no constraints, nor guidelines on what I could share, discuss and opine on. That is indicative of the level of support and trust that CGI is providing for my work on diversity, equity and inclusion. 

Ryan Thompson

Ryan Thomson,
Senior Vice-President, Consulting Delivery


Hi Ryan, CGI’s DE&I initiatives have gained huge traction in recent years. Can you describe the leadership diversity program you have implemented?

In our business unit, we are supporting a number of diversity initiatives. First and foremost, we are actively seeking diverse talent to join our leadership ranks, both from within CGI and in the external market.

To that end, we are focused on ensuring that the majority of the members enrolled in our leadership development programs (such as our Key Achievers Program which is an intensive, year long program to prepare the next generation of leaders) come from diverse backgrounds.

In addition, as part of our F22 business plan, we are not just mentoring and coaching diverse talent within our member ranks, but also actively sponsoring high potential diverse talent into roles which will help them develop as leaders. We are doing whatever is possible to source diverse candidates across the board for every role that we post, including sponsoring immigration of diverse talent to fill resource needs. We are supporting diversity-oriented programs (partnering with our clients where possible) in the local community to encourage the participation of women and other diverse talent in IT academic programs as well as to participate in the IT workforce.

We are also investing significant time and energy in creating workforce development initiatives by partnering with underrepresented groups. Lastly, we continue to support and deliver STEM camps and other training to encourage young women and other diverse talent to enter STEM academic fields.

Samantha Hotta

Samantha Hotta,

Senior Consultant


Hi Samantha, how have you have seen CGI supporting DE&I?

CGI has a great campus recruiting program that strongly encourages gender diversity and consistently advertises its regional DE&I committee and associated affinity groups both internally and externally.

CGI has taken the most important step by simply actively putting DE&I first. I know this is a challenge, but I am confident that with these initiatives and future efforts, CGI is prepared to become a leader in achieving this standard of workplace equality.

Where do you see the DE&I programs in place taking CGI's diversity?

CGI’s DE&I committee has grown a lot over the past few years, specifically making huge strides in Women in Technology and STEM initiatives.

Unfortunately, we are still seeing a gap in leadership from key demographics within some of our subcommittees. Individuals who identify within minority groups are huge contributors to the growth of a DE&I committee, so by increasing the diversity of leaders within CGI, I hope to see an improvement in all DE&I initiatives.

Misha Ali

Misha Ali,


Hi Misha, in your opinion why is CGI’s commitment to DE&I so important?

A diverse human capital is an essential driver of innovation, economic development, and the overall growth of corporations within Canada.

I applaud an organization of our size and stature for committing to creating diverse representation within our workforce, challenging the status quo, and recognizing the importance of diverse thoughts in leadership.

Creating a pipeline of leaders and professionals who can recognize and challenge the societal norms that limits diversity and inclusion should be the new norm. With the help of our leaders in senior managerial positions, we can take steps towards creating action plans at various levels to address and eliminate systematic, institutional and structural barriers for women and underrepresented minorities in the workforce.

Where do you see the DE&I programs in place taking CGI's diversity?

I am happy to see CGI take a step further, by recognizing the importance of leadership reflecting our community.

It takes courage for CGI to humbly recognize the lack of representation that currently exists within our infrastructure and I am so proud to be part of an organization that is taking visible steps to uplift inclusion, diversity, equity and accessibility within our community.

Eric Tremblay

Eric Tremblay,
Manager, Consulting Delivery


Hi Eric, what does CGI’s support of DE&I mean to you on a personal level?

As part of the LGBTQ2AI+ community, this is something I would not have thought possible in my lifetime. I am so proud to be part of a movement that is so incredibly powerful.

I have had the privilege to share with my team some significant moments from my community’s history, from WW2, to the artist who created the Rainbow Pride flag, to some devastating statistics around what is still occurring today around the world regarding LGTBT rights.

Where do you see the DE&I programs in place taking CGI's diversity?

CGI brings an open culture to the table and joins other well-known companies in this new era, for both the past and for new generations to come.

Valérie Grimard

Valérie Grimard,
Consultant, Learning and Development


Hi Valerie, why is CGI’s commitment to DE&I so important to you?

CGI’s DE&I commitments are more than relevant because it reflects the inclusive values embedded in our company's culture.

This is in line with CGI's dream: To create an environment in which we enjoy working together and, as owners, contribute to building a company we can be proud of. I will be more than proud to be a part of CGI’s success knowing that DE&I is so important to the organization.

Tell us some of the ways you see CGI supporting DE&I?

I have seen a lot of initiatives since I began working here: discussion panels, newsletters and training around various areas of diversity and inclusion have been promoted. I have also seen our leaders being constantly informed on how to put aside their unconscious bias in their leadership style. 

If you’re interested in joining CGI on this journey, please visit our careers page.

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marc campbell

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Senior Vice-President, National Capital Region

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