CGI Aromi, an intelligent food services management solution, now handles food waste management, thanks to software acquired from Finnish company Lassila & Tikanoja (L&T).

CGI Aromi enables efficient and sustainable food service operations in the catering, health and retail sectors by digitizing processes across the entire food service delivery life cycle. Using real-time data, Aromi also analyzes customer, regulatory and financial requirements to optimize menu design, meal planning and delivery, and invoicing.

CGI Aromi’s new food waste management feature collects food waste data in real time, enabling clients to better track and manage accumulated waste. This not only drives efficiencies and save costs, but also reduces CO2 emissions.

In Finland, alone, where CGI Aromi supports the production of 160 million meals per year, professional kitchens generate more than 80,000 tons of food waste on an annual basis. The software developed by L&T has cut that amount in half across Finland. “Now that the former L&T application is integrated with CGI Aromi, the positive effects on food waste management will rise to a whole new level,” said Tero Pollari, who oversees CGI Aromi.

“L&T collaborated closely with restaurants and food service providers in developing its food waste management tool,” said Janne Tuominen, who leads CGI's IP solutions in Finland. “This application is an excellent addition to our CGI Aromi solution and will be available to all of our clients immediately,”

“With this food waste management tool, we have succeeded in preventing a great amount of food waste in Finland,” said Sebastian Aniszewski, Business Director at L&T. “As a part of CGI's Aromi solution, the tool will provide much more extensive benefits, not only in Finland but also internationally.”