National, regional and global payments modernization initiatives are in progress worldwide, with billions of dollars ploughed into making payments faster, more efficient, and more convenient, while providing richer data and greater security.

Meanwhile, those spending the cash to make these things happen at the behest of politicians,central markets and regulators are left wondering, “How can I make money from my investment in payment systems?”

In this paper, CGI outlines a new way of looking at payments modernization, refocusing on the payment service user, typically the retail or commercial customer of a financial institution. We based this model on case studies and our work with financial institutions around the world, primarily those in jurisdictions having undergone or undergoing transformational payments modernization. Lessons learned assisted in the development of a model that applies to payments modernization programs within financial institutions, with the aim of guiding investment and enabling rapid realization of new revenues throughout and beyond the lifespan of the program.

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