As revolutionary technologies redefine the workplace and rewrite the rules for business efficiency and competitiveness, Canada stands at historic crossroads. The rapid proliferation of Artificial Intelligence is transforming our business and social landscape, ultimately positioning us for an unprecedented leap in productivity, competitiveness and economic growth.

Canada has been witnessing a long-term dip in real GDP growth, largely due to stagnant productivity. Measured on a real GDP-per-hour-worked basis, Canadian labor productivity is “trailing behind” other advanced economies, notably the US. Several factors contribute including: weak R&D investments and a resulting “innovation gap”, relatively large concentration of small businesses, an aging population, a shrinking workforce and the critical need for modern skills and technology. While the government is taking steps to improve productivity, individual businesses can play a critical role too.

Here are the main points addressed in this report:

  • AI’s shift: From automation to creation
  • ‘Bridging the gap’ between development and deployment
  • The key now is to accelerate smart, safe, ethical AI adoption
  • Harnessing AI’s profound power responsibly is imperative
  • Canada appears poised for a new era of productivity
  • Forging ahead with CGI on the AI revolution
  • Building on a trusted AI foundation

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