Open banking in Canada: Ready for a brave new financial world?
For Canada, open banking represents a radical twist to the traditional banking model. At CGI, we see it as an opportunity for new forms of collaboration, products and services. Read the article to explore Canada’s journey to implement an open banking system.

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How are Canada’s banks positioned for the leap into an open banking ecosystem?
Implementing an open banking framework isn't an easy task. Yet, the changing financial landscape is ripe with possibility for all participants. Roy Kao shares his expert insights on the promises of this new banking world, and how to embrace them.

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Navigating open banking in Canada: Applying new strategies and tactics to thrive
As Canada advances towards an open banking system, many people are wondering what the early returns of this transformative process might look like?

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Read only’ is NOT enough: we need ‘write’ capability for open banking to deliver real value
To write or not to write? That is the question facing those contemplating the new frontier of open banking, coming to Canada in 2023. Or is it?

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How do we solve the ‘trust puzzle’ so Canadians use open banking?
Open banking is being hailed as the new frontier in financial services, but are Canadians excited about it? Do they even know what open banking is? The answer to both questions is undeniably “no.”

David Hooper, Franck Descubes and Aline Tannous

Bridge IT and business strategy, to be “open” banking ready 
APIs. Micro services. Open architecture. The techno babble around open banking can be head-spinning. Certainly, if you’re going to participate in open banking as a bank, credit union or other service provider, your company must have the right technology and a whole bunch of digital infrastructure in place.

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From open banking to open finance and open economy : how data sharing will transform the live of the Canadian consumer (Coming soon)