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Drew Brown

3 actions financial advisors believe firms can take to enhance business in the digital age

2021-04-21 CGI has initiated a number of global efforts to gauge the pandemic’s permanent technological impact on business. As part of that initiative, we’ve engaged in active dialogue with executives and their frontline teams across the Canadian wealth management landscape. Specifically...

Andy Schmidt
Andy Schmidt

Adapting lending in a time of crisis to alleviate customer hardship and bank pressures

2020-06-01 The global impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the financial industry far exceeds anything we have seen in our lifetime. Record unemployment, voluminous requests for hardship support, and the likelihood that loan defaults will significantly increase. Along with higher net...

Andy Schmidt
Andy Schmidt

Driving new revenue streams through artificial intelligence and advanced analytics

2019-10-15 This CGI blog post discusses considerations and revenue opportunities related to the adoption of artificial intelligence and advanced analytics.

Johannes Sackmann
Johannes Sackmann

Liquidity management, as we know it today, will change

2018-05-30 The global march toward real-time payments continues to accelerate. While banks prepare to make this a reality for their customers, one important factor is often overlooked—the issue of liquidity management.
 Because of its real-time nature, instant payments processing is turning...

Jerry Norton

Capital markets: Top five technology trends

2018-05-16 Capital market firms always have been more mature in their use of data and technology than their retail and corporate banking cousins, and the results of the CGI Client Global Insights demonstrate that the pace of change within capital markets...