The Mentorship & Knowledge Acceleration Center (MKAC) uniquely positions CGI to strategically prepare and subsequently assign pre-familiarized resources to client mandates. By thoroughly understanding your processes and systems, and identifying any gaps in knowledge or experience among mentees, mentors design knowledge transfer sessions to bring them up to an autonomous level of client specific knowledge - rapidly.

Training through the MKAC is not technical in nature; rather, it is targeted at a functional level and is specific to your organization. This has the added benefit of assisting your strategic talent retention programs, ensuring seamless project implementation, maintaining velocity and agility.


Issues of service disruption and delays at the project level; loss of knowledge and skills due to labour market challenges; lack of visibility on future projects.

The solution

Support in your project management strategy; Ensure the speed and agility of project implementation; Optimize knowledge, skills and your documentation heritage.


Proactively optimize resource allocation; Ensuring project expertise requirements without delay and service interruption; Share CGI best practices and experience; Ensuring talent succession plan at the right time including distribution of workload

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Develop and maintain a client documentation library

Training facilitated through the Mentorship & Knowledge Acceleration Center is documented by the mentees during their knowledge transfer sessions. Documentation is subsequently shared back within your organization and stored in the MKAC library for future reference.

Developing and maintaining a client specific documentation library focused on client business processes, procedures, and rules, allows your employees to access and contribute to knowledge that is specific to their area of training. This will further streamline future onboarding of new members and provide the client with detailed documentation related to their business rules, processes, and systems on a functional level.

Optimize your project performance and succession management

During the pandemic, all organizations were faced with a talent war. Loss of knowledge and skills and a lack of visibility on future projects did not allow enough time to prepare the next generation of resources. By implementing a Mentorship & Knowledge Acceleration Center, CGI has established the ability to look ahead and prepare resources in advance for clients by pairing up experienced mentors with mentees who wish to further develop their client knowledge.

By developing strategic succession planning tools, the CGI MKAC team can swiftly identify the resources you need, before you need them.   

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Why choose the CGI Mentorship & Knowledge Acceleration Center?

Whether you are seeking an SAP expert or a resource with a background in BI, the CGI Mentorship & Knowledge Acceleration Center is here to support your resource needs and get zero rupture in your project planification. Our mentors have years of experience in their field and provide crucial, client specific insights throughout their training program. Mentees receive inside knowledge based on your business rules, procedures, and related processes. This hands on and customized approach ensures that our resources are familiar with our clients’ systems and are ready to go on the project start date.   

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From skills shortage to optimization and resilience of your supply chain, environmental regulations, or cost reduction, CGI can support your business, from strategy development through to implementation, execution, and continuous learning.

No matter the size of your business, we have the right expertise for you.
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